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Winter holidays in most cities are just beginning. Most people planning trips and extra activities in connection with them have certainly been preparing financially for a long time. What to do, however, when we face the need to get additional funds as soon as possible? We check the cheapest online loans on the market and cash loans for winter holidays.

Lonias, it is easiest to borrow money on a winter vacation in one of several loan companies available on the market, or a bit harder in the bank, due to the necessity of having a good credit history and a sufficiently high income.

In the case of loan companies – fast loans over the Internet, we have a good chance of a quick, positive decision, preferential terms (especially when it comes to creditworthiness testing or exemption from the obligation to provide a certificate of earnings).

A lot of loan companies for their new and existing clients (new customers – ie those who apply for a loan for the first time) automatically prepares an offer, which the customer can use, after positive verification through the Internet.


How to apply for a loan for winter holidays?

How to apply for a loan for winter holidays?

It is very easy. Take advantage of the offer on the Jabberwock website/news/offer. Choose the loan, amount and installment that interests you. Then click on “Submit an application” fill in the registration form and fill in the data in the application.


What conditions must be met to apply for a non-bank loan?

What conditions must be met to apply for a non-bank loan?

It is usually enough that:

  • you are a citizen of the Republic of Poland,
  • you are between 18 and 80 years old,
  • Your place of permanent residence is in Poland,
  • you have the ability to repay the loan you have drawn,
  • you have not been entered in any register of debtors who violate the obligations to pay financial liabilities on time (including Credit Information Bureau),
  • you will receive a positive rating when testing your creditworthiness,
  • you have a bank account,
  • you have an active Customer Profile on the website of the selected loan company – to do this you need to register (registration is done by completing the data after clicking “Submit an application”.


What documents are needed to submit a loan application?

What documents are needed to submit a loan application?

To apply for a loan online, you will first need a personal ID card. When submitting the application, you may be asked to present a document confirming receipt of income. If this is the case, we will be informed about it.

The document confirming the receipt of income may be, for example:

  • statement of earnings,
  • bank account statement for the last 3 calendar months,
  • ZUS RMUA form,
  • Section for payment of a retirement or disability pension for one of the last three months,
  • decision on granting a retirement or disability pension,
  • decision on indexation of the old-age or disability benefit,
  • a certificate of the amount of the old-age or disability pension issued by ZUS or KRUS (if the source of income is a retirement or disability pension).


What amount of loan can I apply for?

Usually, you can apply for a loan online from PLN 100 to PLN 10,000.

For what period can you take a loan online?

For what period can you take a loan online?

You can apply for a loan online for a period of 7 days to 36 months. Choose the date, amount, and offer you are interested in, using the loan comparer found on the Jabberwock website / non-bank-based loan-comparison website.

Credit for winter holidays at the bank

Credit for winter holidays at the bank

In the bank for winter holidays, we can receive cash loans, cash loans, credit limits in the account, debit or credit card. The choice of ways to finance a trip to wintering grounds, winter holidays depends on us and on how quickly and in what form we will be able to settle the obligation (loan, loan).

It is best to look for a bank that provided us with a loan quickly and without unnecessary formalities – preferably online. A fast bank loan is a source of financing much cheaper than non-bank loans. No doubt, the fewer formalities, the sooner we will get the money.

If the bank does not require a certificate of earnings, and the company in which we work, will be able to confirm employment by phone, then we have a chance to get money even in tens of minutes. However, you must pay attention to the actual interest rate on borrowed funds.

Its amount will be affected by any additional fees and costs. So if we do not have such a need, we do not have to use life insurance and / or job loss. We also try to avoid the situation of creating an additional account or attaching a credit card if we do not plan to use them.


Where to apply for the cheapest cash loan for the holidays?

Where to apply for the cheapest cash loan for the holidays?

We check where the bank can get the cheapest cash loan. The place in the ranking is determined by the amount of the lowest installment.

Ranking of the cheapest cash loans PLN 4,000 for 12 months

  1. N-Mobile loan [monthly installment PLN 343.27; APR 5.60%; interest rate 4.9%]
  2. Bank of BNP  – Cash loan [monthly installment PLN 362.18; APR 21.22%; 10.0% interest rate]
  3. Samboan Consumer Bank – Master Cash Loan [monthly installment PLN 365.68; APRC 18.92%; interest rate 9.99%]
  4. Bank BGŻ – [monthly installment PLN 369.02; APRC 20.99%; interest rate 9.9%]
  5. Gluin Bank – Cash loan [monthly installment PLN 370.26; APR 21.77%; interest rate 7.49%]

Our calculations show that we will finance the winter holidays with a loan from N-Mobile Loan, paying PLN 4,000 for 12 months, and a monthly installment of PLN 343.27. A slightly more expensive option is offered by Bank of BNP, with a monthly installment of PLN 362.18 and Samboan Consumer Bank with a monthly installment of PLN 365.68.

If we use the card or credit limit in your account, we will be able to take additional emergency measures even after payment. The credit card will allow us to pay the amounts due via the Internet.

However, it should be remembered that unpaid funds will accumulate the amount of interest due. Therefore, it is best to use the credit card when we know that we will have all the due sum before the end of the interest-free repayment period.

The same applies to the credit limit – although its standard interest rate is lower than in the case of a credit card, and interest is calculated from the first day in proportion to the amount used by us. It does not matter, however, whether we paid them with an account card or whether we paid cash (which in turn is a very expensive solution for a credit card).

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