Can the loan occupy the lowest domestic rate?

Can the Loan occupy the lowest domestic rate?

People who earn the lowest national and employed under an employment contract in the light of the new regulations can sleep peacefully, because according to the law the entire amount is free of Loans. The situation of people who pay alimony to dependent persons is slightly different. For these obligations, the official has the right to occupy 60% of the salary, the national minimum is not exempt. It is worth emphasizing, however, that people free from this obligation can be calm. They retain all their payment, because such a provision was created by the legislator.

The lowest domestic and Loan

Everything we have written so far has been for full-time employees. What about those who receive a portion of this amount? In their case, the amount of pre-seized funds is reduced proportionally. This, if exactly depends, on the part-time contract for which the contract was signed. There are completely different rules for employees who have signed a civil law contract with the employer (commission, work). Assuming that they earn USD 13 gross per hour of work and work 8 hours a day, then their monthly salary is USD 1635 net. Unfortunately, this amount can be entirely used to pay creditors. By law, all these funds can be used for this purpose. This is because there is no attachment-free amount for work and work contracts.

At the same time, a person employed on this basis is not legally protected. The legislator assumed that her entire earned income could be taken away. The situation changes when the described source of income is the only one. When the employment is permanent (the salary is paid with the same frequency), the Loan may apply the rules applicable to employment contracts. Pursuant to this principle, the funds accumulated on the account are completely secure. However, it must be remembered that for this form of employment it is necessary to send a letter to the clerk of the court. It must include a justification that the money received allows only to satisfy the basic elements necessary for functioning. Then there is a chance that the entire monthly salary will not be taken.

Occupation of the lowest pension

The legislator introduced significant changes in the amounts occupied by the court Loan in relation to pensions. It should be remembered that they – like payment for work done – are the basic source of income. However, in the case of these benefits, 75% of the lowest old-age pension is free of Loan’s attachment.

However, if your debt is due to maintenance, the amount free from seizure of Loans is only 50%.

This entry will enter into force on July 1, 2018. Up to this day, according to Polish law, only 50% of the awarded benefit is free of any charges. These changes are introduced by an act signed by the President of the Republic of Poland on December 15, 2016. It is she, associated with the increase in minimum pensions that will make it easier for older people to deal with financial obligations to creditors.

Retirement Loan seizure

We have already written that the amendment to the minimum remuneration for work brings changes also for pensioners. It is therefore worth taking a look at the situation of those who receive money for retirement in the amount of USD 1,100 gross, i.e. the lowest pension. Until July 1, 2018, the Loan was entitled to seize half that amount. After this day, 75% of this amount will be free from Loan activities. Benefits of this relief will also be given to those who receive a disability pension for partial incapacity for work. In their case, a gross amount of USD 825 is paid. Today it is reduced by half. From July 2018, these deductions will be halved. Thus, 75% of the amount will survive. Its amount makes a loan for a pensioner available .

Loan without bases

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Loan seizure and sickness benefit at the lowest national rate

In the case of sickness benefit, there is also an amount free of deductions. It amounts to 60% of the lowest old-age pension for non-maintenance debts, and for maintenance it is 50% of the lowest old-age pension. The lowest national and the lowest retirement pensions determine what amounts will be subject to Loan’s attachment. These two values ​​determine how much you will have in your wallet and how much you will be forced to pay for repayment of debts.


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